How to Find
The Perfect
Retirement Location

by Jill Kearney,
Senior Living Expert

The right home, in the right location, can unlock years of happiness in retirement! But how do you narrow down your options?

This guide shares the secrets to finding the perfect retirement location for YOU, so you can get started on your journey towards a Joyful Retirement!

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When I speak to groups of retirees about downsizing, decluttering, and moving in retirement,
one of the biggest questions I get asked is:

“How can I even think about downsizing until I figure out where I want to live?”

This guide will help you answer that question!

Meet the Author:

Jill D Kearney
Home Transitions and Senior Living Expert

With more than a decade in the Move Management industry, Jill is now bringing her knowledge, expertise, and JOYFUL attitude to YOU, wherever you are!

Jill D Kearney is Founder and CEO of Specialty Moves by Design, where she considers her work to be as much a ministry as a business. A vibrant and engaging speaker, she inspires and encourages seniors (and those who love them!) to take advantage of all that is possible in creating a Joyful Retirement. Jill lives in the Lehigh Valley region of PA and speaks regionally and nationally.

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